Maryam Namdar






Location: Tehran, Iran

Education: Diploma in Visual Art, Associate of Visual Art

Maryam Namdar, a vibrant artist hailing from the bustling city of Tehran, Iran, finds her muse in the rich tapestry of Persian culture and the dynamic spirit of her surroundings. With a solid educational foundation including a Diploma in Visual Art and an Associate degree in the same field, Namdar possesses both technical prowess and a keen artistic sensibility.

Her journey as an artist is marked by a series of captivating experiences. Namdar has been an active participant in numerous group exhibitions, where her work has captivated audiences with its depth and originality. Through her art, she weaves narratives that speak to the complexities of life, drawing inspiration from her cultural heritage and personal experiences.

Not content with merely showcasing her art, Namdar takes charge of her artistic destiny by independently selling her creations. This entrepreneurial spirit not only demonstrates her dedication to her craft but also her determination to share her vision with the world on her own terms.

In her work, Namdar invites viewers to explore the intersection of tradition and modernity, inviting them on a journey of introspection and discovery. With each brushstroke, she creates a dialogue between the past and the present, inviting us to ponder the timeless themes that unite us all.

Maryam Namdar’s art is a testament to the power of creativity to transcend boundaries and connect us across cultures and continents. As she continues to evolve as an artist, her work promises to inspire and provoke, inviting us to see the world through a new lens.

Maryam Namdar Art Work
Maryam Namdar Art Work
Maryam Namdar Art Work
Maryam Namdar Art Work
Nauman Zia Butt

Author: Nauman Zia Butt

Abstract Artist

Yeditepe University

Instagram: @nomsartstudio

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